Worrying Times As Albion Get The Better Of Us

Last updated : 24 January 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor

The league game at St James' Park could have been a lot worse had Albion taken all three points, and to degree it was a 'job well done' holding them to a draw, because they didn't gain any ground on our league position.

But they looked a far more disciplined side than ourselves. They kept the shape of the side throughout, while Hughton was seen bellowing at his players "play the high ball to Carroll".

But we got away with it.

However, on Saturday, with six changes made to the side, we DIDN'T ... and regardless of Albion having more fixtures to play due to their involvement in the FA Cup ... they must be cock-a-hoop they've twice had us up against the wall.

No matter what bullshit Hughton comes out with post-match ... the FA Cup exit is NOT good for the club!

Albion coach Eddie Newton says the defeat to near rivals Nottingham Forest sparked them up for the double-header with the Toon..

Eddie Newton "The Nottingham Forest game was a disastrous performance and we have told the boys that we were disgusted with it and don't ever want to be associated with a performance like that again.

"The boys have responded in the best fashion possible.

"Some of the football they played up at Newcastle was fantastic and we should have walked away with all three points.

"The boys have set their standards and they can't drop from them.

"They need to be more professional now and don't think you can walk on the pitch and it will just happen for you.

"They have made a name for themselves they have to live up to that respect all the time now.

"As for the referee, if you are on the losing end, people might start staying 'referee this and referee that.'

"We all know that the referee has a hard job and it is easy for us to look back on things and say 'he should have done this and should have done that.

"But he has got to make a split judgement decisions and he has seen it as he has seen it and it has gone for us and not for them. This happens.What anyone says it won't change the result."