Will we see Bowyer again?

Last updated : 04 April 2005 By Craig Hope (website editor)

The remorseful pair
Newcastle wasted no time in throwing the guilty duo in front of the television cameras and journalists. Graeme Souness stipulated that neither player would answer any questions but each had something to say:

Bowyer said: "We would like to apologise to the fans, the chairman, the management staff, all the players, to everyone connected with Newcastle, my family and everybody who witnessed what happened today.

"We are sincerely sorry."

Dyer then added: "We are team mates, we have disagreements but we should not be fighting in front of 50,000 people. We are deeply sorry."

There was no direct apology to each other. Bowyer kept his head down throughout whilst Dyer reiterated much of what his ‘teammate’ had said.

After dismissing the pair Souness then said, "It's a first for me, I've never witnessed that before.

"I have been told by Dyer that he did not throw any punches, he was on the receiving end.

"Bowyer was indefensible. He was guilty of throwing more than one punch and has to accept any punishment coming his way.

"I can envisage both of them playing again, but if it ever happened again that would be it for the pair of them, they've hurt the customers today.

"Anyone who sees those pictures will find it hard to understand how team mates act like that.

"I'm not condoning what they did in any way but the referee had a very disappointing game today and the frustration our players felt going down 3-0 has shown itself with someone wanting to go boxing.

"It's been a very traumatic day for everyone."

Souness’ statement that both will play for United again was made in a situation where he could say no other. I personally feel that particular decision is yet to be decided and could have more to do with Freddy Shepherd when he meets the players today.

I feel neither will be sacked because of pure economic rationale. But that Bowyer may well be sold in the summer having not appeared again in a black and white shirt.

Dyer, who is now well practiced in the art of apology, will no doubt make all the right noises, take the inevitable hefty fine and be reinstated to the team upon completion of his suspension.

My opinion is that, on footballing grounds alone, both players could be replaced. But, you can’t make judgments based upon ability otherwise ‘a one rule for one’ situation emerges.

I would like to see both players hit with the maximum fine, make all the necessary public apologies, give what they can to the club between now and the end of the season and then be moved on in the summer.

We await news on today’s meeting between manager, chairman and the players themselves.