Why Is Wraith 'The Voice Of The Fans'?

Last updated : 18 September 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

Newcastle United fanzine editor and radio phone-in host Steve Wraith says the proposed fan protest on Saturday against Hull City is not what the club needs.

Steve Wraith: "Protests simply don’t work at Newcastle United. I should know.

"I was asked by NUST committee member and MAOC leader Graeme Cansdale to pose as a vicar on the infamous funeral and all it did was bring more ridicule to our our fan base and publicise a well known sports brand.

"You have to ask yourself where the money is going with a lot of these groups that are set up.

"It’s so easy to set up a group with a flash website and link it to paypal these days, but where is the money going?

"The Supporters trust used to be a viable option under the original committee but in a week where they should be concentrating on affairs at their club they are looking at national issues.

"They have no communication with the club so how can they ever hope to make a difference?"

And the responce to the article has been ferocious, as shown in the Evening Chronicle.

To suggest the organisers are not upfront with the money is treading on dangerous ground.

Didn't Wraith say he was no longer a Newcastle season ticket holder and was now supporting Gateshead?

That is the claim put forward in the Chronicle.

In my opinion, Pardew has to go, and any protest is welcome in my eyes.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but then again, I'm not the VOICE OF NEWCASTLE SUPPORTERS.