Where Will Shearer Fit In At At James' Park?

Last updated : 26 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Whatever it is ... he cannot have much say, as the number two takes control when the manager is absent.

I wouldn't have thought he would take a minor position, but what else is there to fill?

The two men will meet again on Monday for fresh discussions having agreed that while the 37-year-old former England skipper could have a major part to play, it will not be as assistant manager.

Keegan said: "Yes I have spoken to Alan.

"I had four hours in his company last night. We had an excellent meeting.

"We talked in detail about this club - I know all his views on it now, he knows all mine, and we will talk again on Monday.

"It was great to see him again because I haven't really been in contact with Alan for a year, and I think we both missed that.

"We will see what happens on Monday. It will not be as number two, I will tell you that.

"It will not be, and that's the conclusion we both came to. But it will be, if he decides to come in, a very worthwhile role.

"Alan doesn't come in here (to the training ground), he doesn't come in and around this place, and I would like to encourage the old players to come back.

"I used to get them all coming back at Manchester City.

"But Alan will come in, if he comes, and it will be a role that's worthwhile, or he will say, 'No, not at the moment' because like we both said last night, if it is not worthwhile, let's not do it.That's where we are with it."

The Shearer situation is not one which needs to be resolved urgently, however, with transfer deals to be done before next Thursday's deadline and the little matter of two visits to Arsenal to come inside four days.
Newcastle head for north London on Saturday for an FA Cup fourth round tie at the Emirates Stadium, and will return on Tuesday evening with three Barclays Premier League points at stake.