Whelan Takes Another Broadside Swipe At Ashley!

Last updated : 26 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Whelan put a spoke in the works for Ashley back in December when the Newcastle owner was accused of being a Spurs fan.

Ashley doesn't go public often, but he piped up to say: "I have NEVER been a Spurs fan. I hate them."

Only for Whelan to reply: "What is he talking about? I've had dealings with Ashley for years in the business I'm in, and he was always a Spurs fan. He's well known for it."

Bruce is widely regarded as a Newcastle fan and has previously been linked with the St James' Park hot-seat.

Whelan has often gone for Ashley's juggular, saying he understood why Kevin Keegan "walked the walk" when Ashley brought in Dennis Wise.

Whelan: "There's no chance of Steve going to Newcastle while Ashley is involved, if you ask him he will say the same.

"There's no doubt he'll leave us but it will be to join one of the big four.

"There's only one job that Steve is really, really interested in and that's not too far away from the JJB Stadium.

"When Sir Alex Ferguson decides he's had enough at Old Trafford then I fear that Manchester United will come in for Steve.

"I don't think they'll get a better manager to replace Sir Alex than Steve Bruce."