What Can Carver Possibly Say In Defence?

Last updated : 29 April 2015 By Footy Mad - Editor

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On the one hand he wants peace with the two supporters he verbally abused, on the other hand he wants more protection from the crowd!

He said yesterday: "I need more protection. Stewards are stood there watching the match, not doing their jobs!"

Social media platforms were buzzing on Saturday evening amid claims that the 50-year-old had used abusive language and offered to see one of the angry supporters after the game.

Later in his press conference, Carver insisted he would happily sit down with anyone and try to explain to them what he is trying to do with the team as he attempts to halt an alarming slide, and fan Allen O'Connell revealed via his Twitter account on Tuesday evening that he and another supporter are to get together with Alan Pardew's former assistant on Friday.

He tweeted: "I've been invited to the training ground on Friday to meet Carver and the players and watch a bit of training and sit down and talk to Carver, which is a massive thing to me even with everything going on at the club."

FFS! Carver is a SHIT manager, will a visit to "meet the players" make him any better?

The outcome will be very interesting. 

Will it be "eeee, that John Carver, what a lovely bloke, he's got my vote for the job."