We've had a fine win - Sir Bobby

Last updated : 05 October 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

About the game

"You see what a difficult match it was for us. You've seen Wolves win today, you've seen Spurs win today, you've seen Leeds win today, results that maybe some of us might not have expected, but it's happened.

"We've had a fine win, but we haven't moved, probably, so it will take time. But we've got matches ahead of us which, with respect, we should do reasonably well in and pick up a series of points.

"But we won't shift and leap up the table in a fortnight, it will take some time, and to do that, we need to win and win.

"We need victories, we don't need draws. That's why the save of Shay (Given) today was so important because we could have said: 'We were the better side, we deserved to win, but we've drawn'."

About the fans

"I thought our crowd was really adoring, extremely supportive. I know when they're chanting they use my name, but I think that's just a reflection of the fact that they're supporting the club.

"It was great to hear it. It means a lot to the players, you know, not that my name is being chanted, but the fact that the public is with them.

"It does help, there's no doubt about that. They played their part and it was a very important issue as far as I'm concerned today, to hear the crowd.

"They know we're in trouble, they know we've had a difficult week but they've only got one thing in mind and that's to support us, so it was wonderful, to be honest."

About Alan Shearer

"Alan's performance was his best this season. He has such stature and everybody else played off that.

"He took his goal superbly but his general all-round display was fantastic.

"He chased people and showed more movement down the gulleys than he has in recent games."

About Lee Bowyer

"He gave the type of performance which was typical of him over many years at Leeds United.

"He showed excess energy, ran all over the place and got a yellow card, which I'm quite happy about.

"I don't want him to pick up too many of them but it showed he was more bold in his play today, which is what I've been asking him to be.”

About the rest

"Apart from that, we were solid throughout the team starting from the back five - if you include Shay Given - who did very well.

"Jermaine Jenas has had a very difficult week with dialogue about him but he stood up today very well."

Gordon Strachan

"I thought in the first half hour, we played scared football, which I didn't like, and then we became a wee bit more brave on the ball and we did play little bits ourselves.

"It was an opportunity missed to come here and try to change our history because if we want to change our history we've got to come and win.

"In the last two weeks, we've been beaten 1-0 and 1-0. I didn't think it was a fair reflection last week, but it was a fair reflection this week.

"Alan (Shearer)'s the one. If you really want to kill the Indians, you kill the chief, and we just really couldn't kill the chief."