We threw it away - Sir Bobby

Last updated : 14 September 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"Both sides will feel they were unlucky not to get three points but the fact is we had the game won twice.

"We threw it away and it's two massive points dropped for us.

"We were guilty of an atrocious failure to get the ball out of our box for their first equaliser and then were unlucky with the late penalty.

"JJ is very disappointed about it because it was not a penalty but Tomasz Radzinski used the situation well and was very clever.

"As for the Robert sending-off, his challenge for the second booking was not malicious. He jumped into the guy but it wasn't nasty.

"But the power of the people up in the stands forced the referee to give decisions he didn't want to give.

"He was inconsistent. Their fella gives a penalty away and isn't booked and our player does the same and is booked.

"I think nine yellow cards and two reds gives a false image of the game. It wasn't really violent.

"It was a rugged performance of great spirit by us. Every man jack in the team worked hard.

"We fought for everything - we weren't going to lose any 50-50s today.

"Alan was the man of the moment, you need to be ice cool in a situation like that. He had two penalties in a cauldron and scored them both with great calmness.

"Considering they were his first penalties since his miss in the shoot-out against Partizan Belgrade which cost us so much, underlines how good he is in such situations."

David Moyes

"I am trying this season not to get into trouble for the things I say.

"All I would say is that maybe we should start questioning the people who appoint officials rather than the referees themselves.

"The game was rubbish.

"If I had been a supporter I wouldn't have been pleased, so I am disappointed for them because when I came to Everton I wanted my team to play attacking, entertaining football and I didn't feel we were able to produce that.

"I think there might have been other reasons behind it, but I didn't think we did enough to win the game, even though we had opportunities to do that.

"I was delighted that we ended up getting a point, because with five minutes to go we weren't getting anything from a game which I thought we certainly deserved to get something from.

"Whether we were going to do enough to win it is something else, but overall getting a point was pleasing and I told the players that but it wasn't the way I wanted us to perform."