We have to bounce back

Last updated : 15 March 2004 By FootyMad

Sir Bobby

"The penalty was a nonsense.

"It was clear-cut, a stonewall certainty and we need them.

"I said to the referee at half-time - I was polite and respectful to him - that I want that penalty.

"I said I want you and your linesman to have the courage to give that penalty because you both pulled out of it.

"It was a crucial decision which didn't help us and I am a bit disappointed to lose because we certainly didn't deserve to lose it.

"All in all, apart from the first ten minutes when they started brightly, I felt we were the better side and deserved to win.

"That was our first defeat for some time and I suppose it had to come, but I am pleased with our performance.

"It is nip and tuck for that fourth Champions League place and our match against Charlton will be a cliff-hanger, but we just have to bounce back."

David Pleat

"From upstairs I cannot give a definitive decision.

"All I know is that the referee was fairly close and so was the assistant, so they had two chances. They don't get the video replays and nor do I.

"I can always point to penalties we might or might not have had, and the Newcastle players felt they had a case but they would, wouldn't they.

"I hate using the words character and commitment but our defending was terrific, our young centre-back pairing of Anthony Gardner and Gary Doherty against wily Alan Shearer and Craig Bellamy's speed.

"We didn't give them clear efforts at goal, we always had bodies in the way and got the first ball. Our covering was very good and we were not isolated at the back.

"We defended well and got a clean sheet and a lot of managers take a lot of pride in a clean sheet, especially when you win.

"Fortune favoured the brave, we stayed with the game and in the end we were very dangerous towards the end on the break and we got the goal."