Villa want to be new Newcastle!

Last updated : 30 April 2002 By Luke Thornhill
“I have great respect for Bobby Robson and that goes back many years to when I was a young manager starting at Lincoln City, Bobby was at Ipswich and I spent a day with him there," said Taylor.

“I saw that Lincoln City could probably use Ipswich as a role-model of how to run a smaller club. As it happened, it wasn't at Lincoln where I used that experience of watching Bobby develop Ipswich, it was at Watford.

“Now here we are all these years later on. He's come back into English football, joined Newcastle when they were at the bottom of the Premiership, looking in real danger. Three years later they're in the Champions League.

“People say I'm silly saying this, but why did I come back? I can't say to the Villa supporters that I've come back and I'm happy to finish 10th. I've got to say that I'd like us to work towards the Champions League.

“I can use Newcastle as an example that it can be done. That's what it's about. I'm not saying that we'll do that next season, it's taken Bobby three seasons to do it, but that's what it's got to be about. I've got to make sure the supporters know that I still feel that way.”