Toon Used Heart Monitors In Carlisle Match

Last updated : 23 July 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
It is all about finding out which players are putting in the graft ... and more important ... who isn't!

It's an interesting idea. Although matches are not won on fitness alone, I still cannot understand lower league sides who use the excuse "but they are Premiership players, they are fitter than us", like Grimsby Town did after our Carling Cup tie a couple of years ago.

Skill is one thing ... but lack of fitness is NO excuse.

Allardyce can only use the heart monitors in friendly fixtures, the FA or Premier League do not allow them in Premiership games or cup ties.

Nobby Solano: "Wearing the heart monitors is bad news for us. They show just how hard you've been working out. The manager can see who's been cheating, but it pushes us even harder.

"I feel fitter at this stage than at any time in my career but there's another two weeks to go.

"What Sam is doing could help me go on in the Premier League even longer but it's impossible to say right now.

"You never know what's around the corner - I'm a very honest player and if I'm happy with myself and the manager's happy with me then I'll stay.

"I'm only 32 and there are other players playing till they're 36/37."

Allardyce: "Its okay to do in pre-season but sadly the Premier League don't let you wear them.

"They give you the right data and the level of fitness. You plug it into a laptop today and tomorrow morning we'll find out exactly how much each player has done - I'd like live data if that's possible.

"It happens with Aussie Rules. I've no idea why we can't do it in the Premier League - it's all those old fuddy duddies."