Toon Spur Mackems To Safety!

Last updated : 27 April 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Sunderland beat Middlesbrough 3-2 yesterday to guarantee Premiership safety.

Keane: "People talk about the supporters being upset, but, trust me, everyone around this club is upset by that result.

"I think that's what makes it tougher for the manager to take because he is responsible for a lot of that.

"But we need to move on now.

"Disappointment is part of the game and there is no escaping how disappointing the Newcastle game was, but everyone has got to pull together and look to push the club forward.

"Criticism comes with the game but people should know that I am my own worst critic.

"There's a danger that you can overanalyse things in football and it's important that you don't.

"You have to move on.

"But I'm a great believer in learning whatever you can from games and no-one's more disappointed than me when we lose a game."