Toon Fan Tells Nile Ranger What He Thinks Of Him!

Last updated : 23 January 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

Me (Brian Standen): You were wrong to tweet what you did about Newcastle fans today.

NR: No I wasn’t.


Me:Yes you were, you’ve got no right to tell us how to support the team, the fact is the manager got it wrong today.

NR: Booing still does not help.

Me: I agree but we pay lots of money to watch that sh*te, money some of us don’t have, not that it would bother you.

I then left and was going out the door when he winked and grinned at me, in what can only be described as a sarcastic manner, so straight back in I went with a slightly more raised voice.

Me: You think it’s funny do you? You know there were 2000 supporters who did a 720 mile round trip to Brighton a fortnight ago, to watch people like you not be interested, it was an insult, I know cos I was one of them.

NR: Nobody makes you go.

Me: Then another 500 mile round trip for the loyal ones to Norwich and you don’t give a toss.

I then ranted…

Me: You know 4 years ago I told quite a few people that you would play for England within 5 years.

NR: I will play for England one day.

Me (laughing): Play for England, you can’t even get out of bed to get to training on time, Sheffield Wednesday did not want you, quite frankly you’re not good enough for Darlington and they went out of the league 2 years ago, why were you not playing today?

NR : Manager’s choice who he picks.

Me: Fact is you’re not bothered, you don’t know what it means to wear that shirt, it is everything to people from here, go and ask Peter Beardsley who just happens to be from the area. I’ll be at Aston Villa a week Tuesday, will you be?

NR……………………….no reply

I Wouldn't Pay Nile Ranger In Peanuts!


What has Nile Ranger ever done for Newcastle apart from disgrace the club? Now he has a go at the fans!

Ranger sent this out on his Twitter account:-

‘Certain fans need to not come and support this team…Coming out to BOOO us..Stay at home..Don’t nee ur BOO’s…SAY NO MORE!!!’

‘Not my confidence…BOO all u want :)’

‘Last thing from me…To all the fans. U are not forced to buy season tickets..Or pay our wages..Please remember that…’

‘If you are loyal fans..Be with us..When we are out there on the field..Be the 12th man..Don’t come and BOO..That aint going to help any1′

‘Team is going through rough patch..Last thing we need is fans against us’

‘We are a TEAM u BOO 1 player…Ur booing all of us !!!’

We have won three of the last 18 games since Alan Pardew signed that infamous EIGHT YEAR contract.

The warning signs have been there since the first day of the season ... and the fans have had enough.

Ranger is a KNOBHEAD - always has been - always will be.

A waster picking up big money and giving NUFC nothing in return.

Those fans were filling St James' Park long before Ranger set foot in this club, and they will still be there long after the Plod finally catch up with him and put him in the slammer.