The Views Of A Toon Fan

Last updated : 01 January 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor
Dear all,

I appreciate people think that rocking the boat, as it were, at this
of the season could well have a detrimental effect on proceedings.
However, can I point out the following:

1) A year ago we had 22 points at this stage of the season. We are only
points better off. By this measurement, it will only cost us another
to get into 4th....

2) Graeme has now had 2 transfer windows and £50m to get it right. See
point (1).

3) Our squad contains Michael Owen, Emre, Scott Parker, Shay Given, Alan
Shearer, Nobby Solano, Steven Taylor and Kieron Dyer. Firstly, see (1).
Secondly, they have NEVER played together because of injury.

4) We are as near to 4th bottom as we are to 6th. Do not let "10th" fool
you - we are in a poor position. Given the squad, the stadium and the
fans, would sacking this manager really cause the situation to be any
worse than it already is?

My suggestion is that there are many, many decent coaches without clubs
the moment. Hitzfeld, Le Guen, O''Neill being just 3. We should, with
immediate effect, release Souness on grounds of failure to deliver
requirements for the club. Compensation becomes irrelevant and we can
refuse to pay. He may take us to court, but, just like with SBR, it
be years before we would have to cough up anything, if at all.

We immediately install Shearer and Terry Mac as head coaches/caretaker
managers and immediately offer the position for interview to all three
the individuals I mentioned, and whoever else fits the bill - I haven''t
the resources to fully understand who else in world football may be
available, but Hiddink, Cuper and Scolari are three more to choose from.
would be hoping to appoint one of these six within the fortnight, as the
job is here ready to go and the squad will require a couple of additions
regardless of who is in charge.

Our current aspirations, as we are being reminded daily by Graeme, are
high. The likelihood is that we will not finish in a European position
with our current form. Nor will we be relegated. The job of the next
manager is to bring enough belief to SJP to push on at the end of this
season and, more importantly, ensure the squad is a contented one even
without European football being guaranteed. The next manager would be
afforded a minimum of the rest of this season and the entire of next to
make things happen. The Intertoto would be entered, if Europe wasn''t
achieved, and money would need to be made available for Shearer''s

I guarantee that if Newcastle United followed this business model, we
would have, at the very least, an excellent 06/07 season to look forward
to. I also believe that changing the manager with immediate effect would
offer impetus, momentum and renewed ambition to a club that is severely
the ropes at the moment.

Also, please be aware that I believe trying to start a campaign to get
fans to vote with their feet for just ONE game would be a great start,
proving our power to the board and asking for our voice to be heard.
not all without credibility!!

Kind regards,


(aka Roland Deschain)