The Truth About Metalist Fans Attack On Toon Fans

Our NU-Mad reporter - Dennis Taylor - described the place as "the most dodgy away trip I have been on".


It is believed that one travelling fan was taken to hospital for stitches after being attacked as Magpies supporters were ambushed as they arrived at the Sportyvna Metro station at the Metalist Stadium.

There were further problems inside the stadium after the final whistle when several hundred home fans climbed over the hoardings on to the track around the pitch to confront stewards.

However, reports from the Newcastle contingent were more positive as they headed back into the city centre.

Dennis Taylor: "I was 'set up' in the early hours of Thursday morning as I got a taxi back to the hotel. The taxi driver dropped me off in a back street where some lads were waiting, and they tried to mug me.

"I managed to get away, saw the lights of a petrol garage down the road, and legged it there. They stopped chasing me when I got to the main road.

"There was the odd attempt to get us inside the stadium, but then their fans started fighting amongst themselves! Bizarre. It really kicked off, too.

"But praise to the police after the game, they really took care of us, unlike previous trips abroad this season when the police have thrown us to the wolves.

"They had buses for us to take us back to a safe part of the city."