The players are disappointed - Sir Bobby

Last updated : 21 September 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"It will turn, we need a bit of luck. The players are disappointed because we've dropped two points, and we know that.

"We did the same last week. We've had two draws now where we could have won both games. We could have won last week at Everton because we were winning 2-1 with two minutes to go.

"We were always looking to win it here today - they'll be highly delighted with a point because that's what they came for and they've got it.

"They had a certain game plan and I suppose they nullified us, but they had that luck that our two headers hit the bar, they had the luck that our other little chances just didn't go in.

"Every single player we put out in the team gave absolutely 100 per cent.

"I have no crib about that at all. We need a bit of luck and we didn't quite get it today.

"If Gary Speed's header within the first five minutes goes in, we might get off to a rip-roaring start.

"We wanted to win it and they came defensively to get a point and therefore, I suppose, succeeded because they've got a point."

Sam Allardyce

"One of our concerns would have been the fact that Florent Laville is missing for six months and whoever took his place, would he be able to stand in to the highest standards that Flo's got?

"Certainly Simon Charlton in that department today proved that we didn't miss Flo at all with the sound, solid performance of a left-back actually playing at centre-back.

"He is probably the best player in the air, I would say, in the Premiership for his size. He does exceptionally well with his timing.

"He's a solid, determined lad, a determined player and showed some great spirit today, like all the players did.

"Even the Jay-Jay Okochas today, when they knew it wasn't such a flowing game from ourselves, were dogged and determined and to get in behind the ball and work very hard at closing down Newcastle, and we've got a well deserved point out of it for that."