THANK GOD! It's Keegan!

Last updated : 16 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
The Messiah is back!

Sky Sports, as expected have tried to put a dampener on it saying "never look back" and "in those days he had David Ginola and Les Ferdinand ... who has he got now?"

We have the players ... just we didn't have a manager who knew who to use them!

1982/84 J.K.Keegan 85/0 49

Do we need to say anything about Kevin Keegan that you don't know already? Started with Scunthorpe, became a superstar with Liverpool, moved abroad to Hamburg, back to Southampton and in 1982 became one of the greatest signings Newcastle ever made. World class star, and we haven't had many of those. Retired in 1984 but came back to manage the side in 1992. Won promotion, and came so close to winning the Premiership 1n 1996.