Story Of Gazza's Death Slightly Exaggerated!

Last updated : 25 September 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
No disrespect to the fellow who was found dead ... but it was NOT Gazza.

But after incidends involving Gazza over the last couple of months this story, sadly, is waiting to be written.

The man admits he needs help, and we Newcastle fans hope to God he finds it.

This article from the Mail just about says it all ...


His face a mask of despair, his holdall shambolically open to reveal a gin bottle and a child's piggy bank, he wanders dazed and disoriented on the streets of his native Gateshead at eight in the morning.

This was Paul Gascoigne earlier this week, just two days after he had been released from the exclusive Priory clinic in South-West London ? where he was treated for depression and paranoia as well as drug and drink addictions after a reported suicide attempt.

It is simply the latest chapter in the downfall of the man once regarded as the most sublimely talented footballer of his generation.
Paul Gascoigne is struggling to cope with his drug and alcohol demons
And what makes the situation all the more tragic is that 'Gazza', who once had millions of admirers across the globe, is facing his demons alone.
He has all but rejected the support of his family, been deserted by the legions of hangers-on and celebrity friends who were once always by his side, and received no support from the Football Association even though he won 57 England caps.
Just 40 years old, he lives today in a twilight world, spending endless nights in anonymous hotel rooms with only his memories and addictions for company.
He was in Gateshead visiting his 62-year-old father John and his appearance there might have raised hopes that he was reaching back to his family and friends. But this is far from the case.
"Gazza may have turned up here this week, but he won't stay," said a family friend yesterday. "He'll disappear back to London in a day or two, I guarantee it, away from everyone who loves him and cares for him. He's done it before and he'll do it again."
Gascoigne's family looked after him in February after he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act following a disturbance in a Newcastle hotel to which the police were called. He went to a private hospital for treatment for cocaine abuse.
During his three-week stay at the hospital near Darlington, Gascoigne's father John and his 34-year-old sister Lindsay visited him daily.
On his release, his father took the player back to the house in the Dunston area of Gateshead that Gascoigne once bought for him, just as he bought houses for his mother Carol, now divorced from his father but living next door, and for his other sister Anna, 42, and his brother Carl, 39.
But within a matter of days Gascoigne had left them, returning to the anonymity of a London hotel room.
The player has even severed his ties with his life-long friend and companion Jimmy 'Five Bellies' Gardner, 42, after an argument about a debt of £40,000 that the player alleges Gardner hasn't repaid him.
Gascoigne's father John has refused to comment on these latest tragic episodes in his son's troubled life, while his step-daughter, Bianca, has only said that his family are now 'powerless' to help him.
There is a growing feeling in the North-East that Gascoigne has 'burnt his boats' there for the final time. "People have lost patience with him," says one friend.
Which perhaps explains why he seemed so lost as he weaved his way along the middle of that Gateshead street this week, apparently unsure of where he was or where he was going.
This bizarre behaviour is nothing new. Just over two weeks ago, a thin and dishevelled Gascoigne tried to put down a £20,000 deposit on a £140,000 Ferrari at a car showroom in South Kensington, London, only for this to dissolve into farce when his trousers fell down to reveal he wasn't wearing any underwear and he stumbled out of the showroom into the street.
The next afternoon police were called to Gascoigne's £232-a-night room at the four-star Millennium hotel in Sloane Street, London, not far from Harrods, after the star allegedly threatened to slit his wrists and demanded that staff brought him a steak knife. They refused.
Less than an hour later, eight police officers had to restrain the "hysterical" Gascoigne when he was found naked in his bath, screaming: "If I can't cut my wrists I'll drown myself." He was taken to a nearby hospital.