St James' Park To Fall To Fourth Biggest!

Last updated : 06 February 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

That would drop Newcastle's St James' Park from third biggest club ground in England to fourth.

City want to add 6,250 seats at either end of the stadium and a further 2,000 around the ground, elevating the capacity from 47,620 to 62,170.

The plans were already submitted to the city's council planning commission and a report released on Thursday recommended that they are approved.

If the building work goes ahead, Manchester will have the two biggest club stadiums in the country.

1 Old Trafford (Man United), 75,731
2 Emirates Stadium (Arsenal), 60,362
3 St James' Park (Newcastle), 52,403
4 Stadium of Light (Sunderland), 48,707
5 Etihad Stadium (Man City), 47,620
6 Anfield (Liverpool), 45,276
Although the stadium development plans have garnered a great deal of support in the surrounding area and among fans, concerns have been raised by the nearby Friends of Philips Park Cemetery about traffic and anti-social behaviour from match-day revellers.

The report adds: 'The Friends Group find the expansion of the stadium of great concern to residents and the surrounding area. There are issues from the existing use of the stadium in respect of rubbish, congestion of fans and traffic.

'Rubbish is left behind following events and match days which will only worsen with the expanded stadium.

'The rubbish often blows into the cemetery and the friends group often have to spend time cleaning the area. In addition, football fans cut through the cemetery and urinate on the headstones which is disrespectful.'