Souness Ready To Fight (Newcastle If It Comes To It)

Last updated : 02 December 2005 By Footy Mad - Editor
Toon chairman Freddy Shepherd took the stick off Newcastle fans after the match at Wigan on Wednesday, and he has made it quite plain to Graeme Souness that this will not continue for much longer. But Souness, like his old Liverpool mate Kenny Dalglish, will fight Newcastle in court if need be.

Souness: "I'll say it, and I'll only say it once - I will not walk away. That won't happen. And one of the reasons is that after football I have got to look myself in the mirror every morning."
Souness added that there was no ultimatum from Freddy Shepherd for him to win against Aston Villa ... or else. But either he is an idiot, or has amazing faith in God, because many believe that will happen.