Souness Pleased with Second Half Discipline

Last updated : 15 March 2005 By Craig Hope (website editor)

Won crucial first half spot-kick
The Newcastle boss said,

"In the second half, perhaps we were nervous and not as aggressive as we normally would have been. We knew we could find ourselves down to 10 or even nine men ourselves.

"It was a great concern that, given the pressure from the crowd, the chance was that we could have got a red card.

"That's why the second half didn't excite me in the way I thought it would. That's why we didn't go after Olympiacos in such an aggressive manner and kill the tie off.

“It's not over, there's still a job to do in the second leg. We have put ourselves into a very strong position for the second leg, that's all.

"Nothing has been decided here. I have been in professional football for 37 years and nothing is over until it's over."

It was quite frustrating in the second period not to see Newcastle going for the jugular. But, in scoring one more goal and not allowing Olympiacos to get back into the game we all but ensured our passage into the quarter-final whilst not picking up any needless suspensions.