Souness Expects Fall Out With Players

Last updated : 24 October 2005 By Footy Mad - Editor
Newcastle boss Graeme Souness is still without two of his more inspiring players in Kieron Dyer and Albert Luque, but at least there is hope after a win that allows him to fight another day.
"The problem for me, and hopefully it's sooner rather than later, is that I am going to have to fall out with players simply because I have had no decisions to make," said Souness. "I want them knocking on my door on Friday after training when I have told them the team, but right now they are all on side because I have not had to leave anybody out.
"Even the big players I have not had to say 'sorry, but this is the reason you are not starting tomorrow', and I want that problem. Any manager wants that problem.
"We have taken criticism, but that's part of the deal because we have not lived up to expectations. But if any team is without the likes of Kieron, Nobby (Solano), Emre and Albert, then they are going to be less attractive. That's commonsense.
"We have got two of the best goal-getters in football, but we have not been creative, and the reason for that is we have not had our creative players on the pitch, and that's why we have been what we have been in recent weeks.
"In the first half, when we had Nobby and Emre in there, we played some really good football. But as I have said all along, judge us when we have everybody fit."