Souness - Be A Man Like Keegan!

Last updated : 22 January 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor

But speaking at his post-match press conference with shouts of 'Souness out' and 'there's only one Bobby Robson' clearly audible from outside the stadium, the Scot remained defiant.

Souness: "It's quite simple and I will say this once: the priority in my life is my family, to do the very best for my family at all times. And after that, the second most important thing in my life is my work and to do the very best at whatever job I am at, whoever's employing me, and I will continue to do that until somebody tells me differently.

"We think on our side we played quite well today, as we did last week. It was a game we should have got something from last week, and we should have got something from it today. As a manager, all you can ask for is total commitment and 100% from your players, and I think I get that. I don't think, I know I get that from my players."

Souness is not cutting it. To be honest I don't think he ever has as Newcastle manager. The fans didn't want him in the first place, and at no time has he ever done anything (apart from signing Michael Owen - and that was mainly Alan Shearer's doing) to win them over.

He is a "dead man walking", and he won't lie down. Yes, he says he'll fight on, and yes it will take a double-barrel shotgun ... or more important ... a bundle of cash, to get him out.

When Kevin Keegan stood on the steps of the Milburn Stand after selling Andy Cole and said: "If I've got this wrong, just tell me and I'll go. When the fans don't want me ... I'll walk away".

Never mind all this Souness bull****. The fans don't want him, and he's not "man enough" to take his leave. He has pound signs in his eyes, just like his old mate Kenny Dalglish. He'll go, when pushed, and a bundle in his arse pocket.