Sleep easier tonight

Last updated : 15 January 2004 By Martyn Elliott

With Freddy Shepherd regularly expressing his preference for all things Geordie, some reporters have latched on to the fact Bruce was born in the North East and reached a rather dubious conclusion.

There is no doubt that Bruce has done an excellent job for Birmingham, but the Manchester United stalwart’s record in his first four managerial jobs and his penchant for switching clubs at the drop of a hat have hardly marked him out as a contender for a job with a club that harbours ambitions of challenging for the title.

Anyway, it seems that Bruce isn’t interested in coming to Newcastle.

"Where these stories come from I don't know, it seems they are plucked from the air," he told the Birmingham Evening Mail.

"I am as happy in management here as I have been. I thoroughly enjoy it. I signed a five-year contract last summer and the job here has only just begun.

"I feel this is insulting to Bobby Robson, who is one of the all-time best managers we've had in the game.

"I just want to put everyone's mind at ease. I'm the manager here and it's a bit monotonous whenever these sort of stories concerning Birmingham come up."

Waiting for Fergie to retire by any chance Steve?