Sir Bobby on transfer frustration

Last updated : 10 January 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Following the failure of the bid for Daniel van Buyten Sir Bobby told a press conference: "There's nothing I can tell you.

"If we decide it's a central defender we need then we want a good one.

"We don't want to bring anyone to the club who's obviously anything less than what we've got.

"I keep saying the most important people at the moment are the people on contract here because they have got us into fourth place and could get us into second.

"Some of the players we like very much are not available, it's as simple as that. Clubs won't sell or they are asking silly money, which we won't pay. We can't do it.

"The market is going down anyway, I think, so commonsense is prevailing that way.

"But some clubs with good players will still make it difficult for you to buy and are asking not outrageous prices, but prices we won't pay.

"We are looking, we are talking, but it's stalemate at the moment and we'll just have to wait. But we are continuing."