"Shevchenko Is No Alan Shearer"

Last updated : 28 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
Taking to the Mail, Robson says Mourinho now has the chance to prove how "special" the Special One really is.

Robson: "There seems to be a change at Stamford Bridge. Jose no longer has an unlimited budget and, like other managers, he has to work with the players he's already got or shop for bargains. Welcome to the real world!

"It could make or break him and the first place to start is by working on the training field to make Andriy Shevchenko world-class again.

"Shevchenko was bought to the Bridge for £30million in the summer to help Chelsea win their third Premiership title and the Champions League. Right now, after his poor form, I don't think anyone would pay £15m for him. In an open market, Chelsea might get £10m from a desperate Italian club but no more.

"Alan Shearer was 29 when I arrived at Newcastle and considered on the wane. We identified the problem, in Alan's case it was a lack of movement, and fixed it on the training ground. Alan responded brilliantly on the pitch and played another five years at the highest level. Until now, if a player at Chelsea has lost form, Jose has been able to buy a multi-million pound replacement. That situation has clearly changed.

"What Jose needs to do is improve his movement and team play. That's what coaching and management is about. He should remember the time when we worked together on the training pitch to make Ronaldo the force he was at Barcelona. That's the way to do it.

"In some ways, however, the mysterious goings-on behind the scenes at Chelsea baffles me. I think Jose has made too much of not being able to sign players — no other managers will have sympathy with him for that."