Shearer 'Sickened' By English Supporters

Last updated : 26 March 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

England's supporters strolled into scenic Amsterdam for their country's friendly with Holland last weekend.

Image result for Newcastle United Alan ShearerThe match they travelled to watch was a relatively dire affair, the game won 1-0 to England through a Jesse Lingard goal. And unfortunately, as we have seen too many times before, the talking points of the night was not strictly to do with the game on the pitch itself, rather the complete chaos ensued off it.

Footage emerged on social media of England's fans causing havoc in Amsterdam, with the local authorities calling for the riot police and detaining over 20 England fans for public disorder.

One particular video showed a group of Three Lion fans standing on a canal bridge and pouring beer on tourists as they travelled on a boat below them. The typical guff of "Wa-heyyy!" can be heard as the lager trickled on the unsuspecting tourists' hats and heads. Hilarious, right?

No, we think not either. This has also has angered none other than former Premier League ace Alan Shearer, who has lashed out at the supporters in his column with The Sun.

"Beautiful place, Amsterdam," Shearer started.

"Great to walk or cycle around, taking in the incredible buildings and canals.

"Then England get to play there and suddenly it becomes the worst place any right thinking person would want to be. The shocking scenes that I witnessed on television and social media on Friday made me sick to the stomach."

Shearer also said he wouldn't want his family in Russia if he was still playing, adding, "I am proud to have played 63 times for my country - 34 times as captain. But if this was my time, I would not want my kids travelling to watch me play for our national team.

"I would not want them put in such danger. Dragged into a scene that was not of their making. See them targeted, just because they are English."

Some powerful words there, and a statement hopefully the minor selection of troublesome England fans will pay attention to - particularly with the World Cup in Russia looming around the corner.

English and Russian fans clashed in France in the summer of 2016 at the Euros when the two sides faced each other. There were attacks on the streets in the south of the country between the two sets of fans even before the match.

Fans and officials will be wary of more problems this summer, especially in the midst of political tension between the two countries.