Shearer Backs The Gaffa!

Last updated : 17 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Alan Shearer: "I still believe and maintain they won't go down.

"They need a result on Monday against Birmingham, because it has been a long time since they won.

"They have three crucial home games against (fellow relegation candidates) Fulham, Reading and Sunderland - and we will know more after those.

"It [speculation about Keegan's future] is nonsense, but no one can stop that until they actually go out and get results.

"Winning matches changes everything; it stops people being negative about the club and the players.

"He [Keegan] knew what he was going into, and I am convinced - and I'm sure he is - that they will turn it around.

"I don't see any reason how he can be in danger. The owner and chairman have put their faith in Kevin.

"He is - and was - the right choice and he will take the club forward providing the owner gives him the funds. There is no point in appointing him if they are not prepared to do that.

"I just give him my full backing and hope he will get it right.

"I think he went into it knowing they had a difficult run of fixtures and that confidence was at an all-time low. Put those two together, and it is bad situation."

"It needs a team that is going to have some confidence, because that can give you an extra 30-35%.

"Michael is confident, and you wouldn't expect him to say anything different.

"They have to believe they will be all right, and certainly he does.

"I believe in him. I know he missed chances against Blackburn [Newcastle's last home match] - but if you give him chances against most teams he will score goals."