Roeder Tells Gooch "Follow My Example"

Last updated : 07 February 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
I don't think anyone would describe him as an "all-time great", but his strength was the way he organised those around him. And it is those leadership qualities he wants to see in new loan signing Oguchi Onyewu.

Roeder: "I was captain at the club for five years and you cannot organise without talking. As players, we used to pull each other round the pitch and Oguchi can help us do that now.

"His voice can be heard and I am looking forward to hearing more of it. He is an intelligent guy and what I like about him is that he talks a lot.

"As a team, we are too quiet on the pitch. It is one factor we need to improve on and one factor I am looking at in regard to bringing in new players.

"I want players who are vocal, who have a lot of personality and are nice and loud. You need characters and talkers in the team because it is impossible to play the game of football without them."