Roeder Tells Ashley To 'Get Real'!

Last updated : 14 September 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Glenn Roeder: " I spent eight years of my life in Newcastle as a player, skipper, coach, academy director and finally manager, and it will always have a special place in my heart.

"It hurts me to see what is happening there at the moment and I just wish Mike Ashley could give the club some stability. Obviously, I am part of that instability and while it is just over a year since I left the next manager will be the third the club has had since then.

"There is a revolving door at Newcastle, but there is no revolving door at the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United.

"It's about time the club was stopped from being dragged through the mud. Now it is up to Mike Ashley to make his choice for the new manager and stick with him.

"There must be no excuses because the people who are suffering yet again are the Newcastle fans - fans who support them through thick and thin.

"But I have to say that my old club is in such a mess there is no instant remedy.

"I told Alan Shearer that he should not be thinking about coming back as a manager but that he was still good enough to be playing as a striker for Newcastle."