Roeder: "I Don't Want This Kind Of History"

Last updated : 18 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
It was the club's worst home defeat in the FA Cup in 93 years, and the five goals have only been beaten once in Newcastle's entire history in the FA Cup ... when they lost to Aston Villa 7-1 in 1895.

Roeder: "I am not going to make excuses for the performance. I will apologise for a non-performance, that is the least I can do for our supporters who, like me, will have found that hard to accept. Believe me, there will be no supporters who will be hurting as much as me.

"I'm a big boy and I have to take it on the chin. But I must apologise to our fantastic supporters. They should not have to sit through that. It was just unacceptable. It wasn't a nice game to be involved in, Newcastle United losing 5-1 at home in an FA Cup match that's so important to our fans.
"We will go into the history books with this and that's not nice.

"The first goal summed up the 90 minutes - it was a disaster. It has been a shocking night for us and it's unbelieveable that a team can fight as hard as this one did on Sunday (to win 3-2) at Tottenham and play so well and score three goals and then come out a few days later and give no performance at all.

"We have a game at home against West Ham and it's quite simple. We have to come out fighting and if West Ham think they are coming up here for an easy game, they should be careful.

"We have been knocked down and there's two things we can do. We can lie down and wait for the count of 10, or we can get up and fight.

"As a player, I always stood up and fought and I will get the reaction I want from these players this weekend. It's easy to come out here when we have won a game and take the nice easy questions. But I'm big enough and strong enough to come out and talk to you when we have had a disastrous night.

"No-one could ever accuse me of not standing up and fighting and the players must do the same now. It was an unacceptable performance but everyone who has been involved in it - and that includes me - has to go out this weekend and give the supporters what they deserve.

"It will be hard but we need to go out and give them a winning performance."