Robson offers little support for successor

Last updated : 29 January 2005 By Craig Hope (website editor)

In the interview with the Daily Mail he criticized Graeme Souness for taking Craig Bellamy to the chairman and openly stated that Bellamy’s best position was as a striker.

This interview will come as a kick in the teeth for Souness and Shepherd with Robson critical of the manner in which the affair has been handled. It appears that the on going feud is splitting fans and pundits alike with regards to the rights and wrongs of the saga.

Personally, I want to see an apology from Bellamy and some disciplinary action from the club – only the latter has been suggested at the moment. The sooner the whole incident goes away and we see Craig Bellamy back in a Black ‘n’ White shirt the better.  My fear is however that he will be sold before the transfer deadline.

The following is an extract from the interview Sir Bobby gave to the Daily Mail

“I am not sure these situations should be aired in public. Graeme is trying to keep everybody happy. Sometimes you just can't do that.

"What's happened doesn't come as a surprise because he and Graeme had a fall-out almost as soon as Graeme took over. At one stage I gather he had Craig by the throat and threw him to the ground, so they didn't exactly start on a good footing.

Midfield isn't his best position. He isn't scoring goals and so he is becoming frustrated.

"Players cannot decide they don't want to play because of what the manager is asking them to do. I had that with Kieron Dyer. A player has to do as he is told.

"But I am not sure taking a player to see the chairman is the right thing to do. When I had my problems with Dyer I attempted to deal with it myself. The manager runs the team."