Robert fined - good

Last updated : 15 September 2003 By Martyn Elliott

It isn’t clear whether the fine is for the dismissal or for his unhelpful comments in the run up to the game.

Either way he can hardly claim that it was undeserved after the pointless manner he let his team-mates down in at Goodison Park.

It’s not often the Daily Mirror prints anything worth reading let alone agreeing with but for once their match report almost summed things up.

One section read: “Let's start with Newcastle winger Laurent Robert, who got himself sent off.

“Before the game the Frenchman had moaned that his manager was picking the wrong players in the wrong positions, and he's obviously got a point. For a start, Robson clearly shouldn't have chosen a white-flag-waver on the left wing.

“From the first minute every player on the pitch knew that with Comedy Bob refereeing, it wouldn't take much to get sent off. So what did the French version of Barry Chuckle do?

“For a start he tried to kneecap Steve Watson, and if that wasn't bad enough he jumped into an aerial challenge with Tobias Linderoth that deserved a red card if only for cowardice above and beyond the call of duty.

“It was pathetic. If it is true that Robson needed a result from this match to keep his job, then any player who left this decent man and manager reduced to ten men with nearly an hour to run wants dangling from the Angel Of The North.

“The Newcastle boss may come across as genial but I would be surprised if he ever picks Robert again. He certainly shouldn't.”

Not sure I agree with the bit about Robert never playing again as nobody can really question his ability, but until he sorts his attitude out there is little point in him taking to the pitch.