Rafa Hails Proud Geordies

Last updated : 31 March 2017 By Footy Mad - Editor

Rafa Benitez on how can the fans help in the final eight games?

Our fans have been magnificent during the whole season, they are incredible.

Now we have reached the final stage of the season it is the time to be even better, if they can. They can help with their support of our players. Even if we make mistakes the key is to help the players to try again, to be sure they have the confidence and support to succeed in these final eight games.

We are together in this race, we are at our strongest when we are united. The fans, the players, the staff – all of us helping to achieve our shared goal.

Do you think the atmosphere at home games makes it difficult for the players? Or are you pleased with it?

Our supporters deserve the greatest respect this season. They always amaze us with their passion and their commitment at home and away.

But it is true in all things in life, that those closest to you can often be the most critical. That is normal, they have earned the right to criticise and criticism is important for improvement.

However at this stage of the season, with so much at stake, encouragement can help the players achieve better results. A positive atmosphere is very helpful for the players, they take the energy from the stands and use it raise their game.

It is also up to us to lift our fans by playing better. As I said before, all of us must be united.