Pressure Mounting On Former Toon Boss

Last updated : 17 January 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor


he former Newcastle boss (who didn't hit it off with Toon fans either!) insists he would walk away from football if he felt heart problems were putting his life at risk.

Sam Allardyce (talking to the Sunday Mirror): "You live in a dangerous world on the touchline and I was the one, along with Dave Bassett, who piloted the scheme to monitor the health of managers. I'm a calmer animal now. You mellow.

"I'm not worried it's not going to kill me. If I thought that I would stop.

"At the moment I'm not chilling out or de-stressing because we're not getting results (but) jumping up and down and shouting is not really the best way to go about managing today."

"You can't laugh off something like that (the prospect of the sack) because it creates a perception in people's minds that it's true.

"(But) I've spoken to the board and they've said there's nothing in it so we move on."