Pressure? It's All On Newcastle

Last updated : 22 October 2005 By Footy Mad - Editor
John Beresford: "This game will be all about who wants it most, and I suppose that means it all comes to down to who has the most bottle.
"It is one of those games where you have to forget about looking good, and it will be decided in the first 30 minutes if Newcastle can start strongest or, even better, get a goal in that period. They have to be up for the fight because although Newcastle have the better players, Sunderland have good team spirit which could count on the day if United aren't careful.
"It will be good to have the Geordie players in the dressing room because they understand what it is all about. I know some of the foreign lads will say they have played in big games and other derbies, but this is different. When I was there I used to try to mix with the fans around the town, whether it was in the street or in the petrol station, and I loved the build-up to the big derby.
"I think once they are out on the pitch they will realise exactly what it means to the Geordies. The intensity of the match is incredible, and although games like Real Madrid v Barcelona and AC Milan v Inter are big games, maybe only the Old Firm up in Glasgow can rival this one."