Poyet 'No Money Can Replace Derby Win'

Last updated : 23 December 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

Gus Poyet (Evening Chronicle): "I know how much it means.

"We scored and we went ballistic and it was difficult to control the bench - imagine how much it means for them (the fans), who have been supporting this club all their lives?

"It was special. It's so special that it doesn't matter how long you have to stay at the ground, because we were held for a while.

"Normally you would have every single player complaining, 'Let's go'.

"Nobody complained, everybody was all right, everything changed.

"Even if you say to them to go and do a warm-down and they need to go back to the pitch, it was no problem this time.

"It's unique, it's the best part of football. It's not about money. I'm sure that the biggest multi-millionaire in the world would pay whatever money it takes to be part of that moment.

"And you know what? He can't because you need to be a football player or be involved in football to be there and feel it.

"It's not about money, it's about being good enough.

"The fans just care about this one, and it's great to be on this side of it. There is no better feeling.

"Now we are already somehow thinking 'can we go one better when we play at the Stadium of Light?'

"Every single game now between us and Newcastle is going to be bigger because of that record."