Pie-Man Blames Toon Army!

Last updated : 09 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

And I won´t argue with that.

The fans want someone they BELIEVE in ... and "cloth cap and whippet man" Big Sam was a million miles away.

He has never tasted success in his life, as a player or manager, and he never fit the bill.

Paul Walsh said last week "the Newcastle fans wanted him when he first arrived", but what the hell does HE know?

Does anyone know any Toon fan who wanted Allardyce in the first place? He was Freddy Shepherd´s choice, and now the last remaining connection to the ex-chairman is gone ... and we can build from here onwards.

Mick Quinn:
"If anyone's been to Newcastle, it's like a goldfish bowl.

"I call it the People's Republic of Newcastle and if they're not happy, they will have their say - and Mike Ashley has been amongst them and has been listening to them.

"I did think that in the last two or three games he had won them over, because he had been getting a good reception. Look at the reception at Stoke - but I suppose that was more relief than anything that they didn't get beat!

"To be fair it's been building and building. It doesn't look they'll win anything this season, or like they've moved on from last season. Looking ahead it doesn't really give you anything for the future either.

"Sam will be disappointed, because he's a passionate guy, but I'm afraid the fans have won again. And they'll want one of their own now."