Personal Strife For Ginola

Last updated : 10 January 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

Former Newcastle United footballer David Ginola has told a judge how he wants to be “happy in life for once”.

Image result for David Ginola wifeThe 50-year-old former French international winger, who also played for Tottenham and Aston Villa, told Judge Martin O’Dwyer that he hoped to “have a clear mind” when he woke in the morning.

He outlined his thoughts on Tuesday when giving evidence during the latest stage of a divorce court money dispute with ex-wife Coraline Delpin.

Mr Ginola, who 18 months ago underwent heart bypass surgery, said he wanted “to be happy in life for once”.

“I want to be happy in my life,” he told the judge during a hearing at the Central Family Court in London.

“I want to have a clear mind every day when I wake up in the morning.”

Another hearing is due to be staged in the near future.

Ms Delpin sat with lawyers and listened as Mr Ginola gave evidence.

A member of court staff ushered Mr Ginola through a back entrance of the court, normally reserved for judges, at the end of the hearing.