NUST or NUTS? Ashley Making A Monthly Profit?

Last updated : 12 January 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor

But are they serious when they say that Mike Ashley is taking £7 million per month from the club?

No business has so far been willing to take up Ashley's asking price of £100m, because the club is so much in debt.

So what suggests Ashley is making a profit ... and why didn't someone come up with £100m when they were going to make a profit of £84m in 12 months?

NUST spokesman: "Sources have told us that Mr Ashley is making up to £7m profit out of our club every month and whilst that’s not confirmed – do the maths – wages halved, no expenditure on transfers, crowds up, new advertising revenue before the end of the season and the assets of SJP Holdings."

Their  figure, equating to an apparent £84 million per year that Ashley is taking from the club, does not tally with those that were produced to the interested parties that wanted to buy into NUFC back in the summer.