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Last updated : 19 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

The problem with our club?

lnicho122: Its not the lack of finance to compete with the likes of Southampton etc etc.

It's not the manager suffering from a textbook case of self denial.

It is also most definitely not lack of ambition as we shall aspire to be top 10 every season.

Neither was it the renaming of the stadium to be honest as we were promised it would give us money for transfers.

It is Ashley & Pardew.

I'm struggling to see a goal other than the our financial well being.

I don't pay for that I pay for football.

zoggs: We are the flagship sports direct shop.

Donnyb: There is no footballing goal other than to not get relegated and the problem is as soon as we start signing players some fans will forget all about it.

Any game Rob Elliot plays Im betting money we lose. He has played 12 and conceded 29. You would be mad not to take whatever odds you can get.