No Money For Rafa!

Last updated : 10 January 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

So what exactly is happening at Newcastle United this January?

Can anyone shed some fresh light on the complicated situation at St James’ Park?

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What is going on behind-the-scenes to prevent Rafa Benitez from getting the players that he needs to supplement his battling Newcastle squad.

The situation that Benitez is facing is no better than when he first joined the club ... perhaps even worse!

The background to Benitez’s struggles and why the club isn’t doing the sort of quick, dynamic deals that they should be doing, is down to Mike Ashley's reluctance to put up the hard cash.


The rumours continue, of course, as high profile players are mentioned - with no substance - like Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge. Will he join Newcastle? Not on your life!

Chelsea youngster Kenedy is a target, but only a "cap in hand" loan deal because he is well out of Rafa's hands as regards a proper deal.

Please remember, Ashley is hoping to sell the club and why should he splash the cash at this time.

Is he concerned about the future of thew club? Has he EVER been concerned?

If the transfer window closes and Rafa hasn't been involved in any deals, we fear the worst.