No Dalglish "Old Pals Act" From Roeder

Last updated : 22 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor

United fans are wondering when (or if) the manager will bring in new faces; new faces Roeder insists he needs at this moment in time. The chairman is blaming Sir John Hall for threatening to sell his shares (which we KNOW for a fact he wants to sell) and putting the finances of the club at risk, and so transfer dealings seem to be put on hold.

Roeder says buying players is a "risky strategy", but isn't that what football management is all about? Does he want someone to do it for him?

We hear talk of loan deals so Newcastle don't have to splash out big money, but isn't that a chairman lacking faith in his manager's judgement? The problem with dealings of this nature is that Roeder doesn't have the close friendship, respect or pulling power of the big names in the game. Sir Bobby, and even Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness could attract top players, although they didn't do much with them when they got them.

Roeder lost respect from Manchester United when he took Rossi on loan and hardly played him, so he can rule out any more help from Sir Alex. Which is one thing Alan Shearer would have over Roeder, because no-one is more respected in the game than the GOALden Boy.

Then again, Dalglish lost "Street Cred" for the "old pals act" of bring his old mates Ian Rush and John Barnes to the club when both were well past their sell-buy-date. Rush couldn't even make it into Leeds' reserve team!

Roeder: "I'm protecting myself in the market and I'm being brave, it's a bit of both. The biggest thing is patience. I just know, I have seen other people being patient and it pays off. I have seen other people not being patient and it not working.

"Yes, it is a little bit brave, but I could buy a bad player every day until January 31 and we would not be better off in the long term. I have three or four bodies coming back (from injury) and come (the game against Aston) Villa we will have used the loans that are available to us.

"I have to find a couple who are good enough to wear the shirt and add to the squad, even if it is just for three months. The supporters understand what I am trying to do. You can be panicked and jump off the cliff, but I won't do that."