'News Of The World' Get It Wrong Again!

Last updated : 06 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

If you read that Jose Mourinho is set for Big Sam's job; we are set to ditch black and white play in red and white stripes; and St James' Park is going to be levelled to make way for supermarket ... you will read first in the News Of The World.

Now ... in an EXCLUSIVE interview with some guy who drinks in the Strawberry, empties Alan Shearer's bin, and knows Newcastle owner Mike Ashley ... Newcastle do NOT want Alan Shearer as the next manager.

Toon legend Shearer seems to be the popular choice to take over if Allardyce were to pay the price for yet another under-achieving season.

But Ashley, claims the News Of The World, would not even consider Shearer as an option.

A senior source close to Ashley told The News of the World: "Mike wouldn't employ an undergraduate fresh out of business school to run one of his companies, so why would he trust Newcastle to a rookie?

"His view is that you have to trust people. Mike's not here as a flash in the pan owner, he's here for the long term and knows there's no point creating instability by sacking a manager every five minutes."

Yep ... the newspaper with the finger on the pulse!