Newcastle Players Disappointed With Club's Decision to Furlough Non-Playing Staff

Newcastle’s players are upset with the club’s decision to place staff on furlough, with four Premier League clubs now using the scheme.

The Magpies became the first top flight club to resort to furloughing staff on 30 March. There has been outcry since the decision was made almost two weeks ago, including from the club’s players.

Newcastle United v Leicester City - Premier League

As reported by the ​Mirror, the ​Newcastle squad have not reacted well to the club’s financial move, feeling that it makes the club look like they are ‘pleading poverty’. They also believe that it is inconsiderate to people in the city, especially those currently in a far worse situation.

The Magpies were the first of four ​Premier League clubs to place staff on furlough, with Bournemouth​Norwich and ​Tottenham since joining them. ​Liverpool had also placed their staff on the scheme, before reversing their decision following huge backlash.

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to impact the world of football, as the UK enters its third week in lockdown. Premier League players came together Wednesday to launch the #PlayersTogether campaign, which will help raise funds for the NHS.

The initiative, which was announced on Wednesday, will help generate and distribute funds as efficiently as possible to the health service. It has been received very positively across the country, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock welcoming the 'big-hearted decision'.

Players have been speaking together in conference calls and WhatsApp groups, discussing potential pay deferrals and other related proposals. There is also a WhatsApp group for the club captains, though some teams are represented instead by other senior players.


The Premier League is recommending its 20 clubs to use the 30% deferral plan, while the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) are concerned that clubs may have to resort to cuts if football doesn’t return within the next three months.

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Source : 90min