"Newcastle Fans Upset"? Rubbish!

Last updated : 28 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor

Albert Luque has done NOTHING at this club to justify selection!

I watched him play against Fulham last season, and we came to the conclusion he "wanted off", and took bets on how long he would last. Just the same as his first Reserve outing, when Glenn Roeder was frustrated at his attitude and dropped him. How long did he last that Reserve match? Answer: the first tackle ... 13 minutes!
The 28-year-old HAS been given a fair crack of the whip and imagine how frustrated Roeder must be. A squad down to the bones ... and the manager would rather play the tea lady than Luque. And trust me, I don't know where the Sunday Sun does its research, but 99% of the fans agree with the manager.

Roeder: "What no one can say, and I would argue this with anybody, is that I have not given Albert opportunities. He's played in European games, he's played in other games, so I will not be accused of not giving him opportunities.

"But I've got to pick what I consider is the best team for Newcastle on the day.

"Unless something happens very quickly, Albert will be here after the transfer window shuts, and he's got to get his head down.

"He's been here long enough now to know that the Premiership is very physical. He has to rise to that physical challenge, and he has to do that every day in training.

"If you train sloppily, you play sloppily. Technical ability alone will not get you through the Premiership.

"Surely he wants to play football. He just has to come to terms with the game here. Only he can do that."