Milner Joins The Toon "Fight Club"

Last updated : 22 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor

...  he insists his head will never drop ... regardless of the position his side are in.

Newcastle fans like nothing more than a fighter, and that has been the case for decades. Frank Clark, John McNamee, Kevin Scott, John Anderson, and Lee Clark were never the most gifted of players. But they never gave up the cause playing for Newcastle United.

Milner: "It shows our spirit because it would have been easy to feel sorry for ourselves at 2-0 down after the result we had in midweek and the start we had here. Nothing was going right for us.

"It's about how you stick together and battle back. Getting a goal back helped. We showed a great team spirit and work ethic and could have won it in the end. Hopefully we can build on it.

"There's never been a game where I haven't wanted to give it my all. You have off days when nothing quite goes for you, but that's different from not giving 100%.

"I give it my all whether 5-0 down or 1-0 up. The manager tells us we have to be mentally strong whatever the situation in the game. You might feel tired when you're 2-0 down but you have to battle on and I'll give 100% wherever I am. I can't stand losing, whether it's tiddlywinks, with my girlfriend or out there on the field."