Michael Owen - The Biggest Nurd On The Planet?

Last updated : 02 January 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

It's a personal thing ... and I really need to get over it ... but that guy boils my piss!

He ripped the heart out of Newcastle United ... and he stood there like a tit in a trance when we we needed fight at Villa Park (the day we were relegated).


He left soon after, saying: "I play better in a side that is winning, I'm not good at relegations".

After 15 years in the game - well, mostly (he spent more time on his sick bed or at the races when he was a Newcastle player) - Owen now feels the need to take on Twitter trolls.

When Twitter users blasted him after a seemingly inoffensive message about Stoke's loss to Manchester City on New Year's Day ("Tough game today and not many teams get anything away at Man City. Shame our 10 game unbeaten run in the Premier League is over. #Stoke"), Owen was upset by the abuse he received.

"New Year but things never change. About 100 replies to my last tweet so far and every single one is abusive. What a lovely world we live in," he tweeted afterwards, a message which prompted a flurry of more supportive messages which seemed to cheer him up.

"Tweet something like that and then you see the nicer side of Twitter. The minority always ruin it for genuinely decent people." he wrote.

But he wasn't quite done: one more tweet came from Owen, who reminded his critics of his great career by sending out this message with a picture of the trophy cabinet in his multi-million pound home in Cheshire.

"Oh, and just to remind the trolls with a short memory out there," he wrote before posting his picture.

There's nothing on that photo showing his crowning achievement - sending us down to the Championship!