Mackem Claims Shearer Took Easier Option

Last updated : 23 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
.... and said in his book "I wish I'd connected with Shearer when I swung for him".

Celtic were invited to join the party for Shearer's testimonial but Keane didn't show, saying he was injured. And now the ex-Irish midfielder has blasted the BBC panel for talking too much about Newcastle, and not giving Birmingham praise, and also for ex-players taking the easy option to TALK about the problems of others rather than take the step and go into management.

Keane: "I should work in TV and give up the day job. It would be a lot easier! And haven't they taken the easy option?

"All you heard after the Birmingham game was how bad Newcastle were. Not once did anybody say that Birmingham played quite well. Not once.

"And those were the so-called experts on the box.

"It just goes to show how ignorant and arrogant people can be with regard to teams in the Champion ship. Maybe Birmingham made Newcastle look bad.

"Steve Bruce's side did brilliantly and could have won by more.

"They showed that some teams in the Championship aren't too far behind the Premiership clubs and, if they do go up, they have a good chance of staying up."