Lowest Point In Sunderland's History?

Last updated : 11 January 2019 By Footy Mad - Editor

Newcastle’s toddlers may have lost 4-0 to the Sunderland first team but the laughs in the away end got heavier as the goals went in.

We were sat there - at the Stadium of Shite - watching our bairns play their first team in a competitive fixture.

It was heaven!

Just under 2,800 of us literally did laugh our socks off, all the way from town to there, and back again.

Of course, this game was the perfect excuse to be able to really take the micky. Football is a funny old game, and things can happen very quickly, so you might as well enjoy it while you can. For all we know, Newcastle and Sunderland could again be in the same division next season. God forbid!

But for one evening Newcastle United - regardless of the result - could do no wrong.

Once we were ushered inside the stadium it became evident that there really wasn’t going to be much of an atmosphere, at least from the home support. I do fully understand why many Sunderland fans didn’t turn up. For the most part, if the roles were reversed, then I don’t think I would want to suffer the embarrassment of watching my team play their bairns.

If the truth be told, our kids played rather well in the first half. The second half was pretty much one-sided.

We were mightily unlucky to concede so quickly after the break. Just terrible luck really. From that point on, Sunderland had their tails up, and their fans opened their voices to chant “we’re by far the greatest football team.” 

Songs included:

A whole rendition of “Shola From Fenham”

“You sad SMB you’re playing our kids”

“Lets all laugh at Sunderland”

“We saw you crying on Netflix”

As well as the classic “Ole… Ole”whenever our kids put together a few passes on the SOL pitch.

Of course there were other Newcastle chants – but I think most there would admit that we were there to laugh at Sunderland more than anything else.

A clash which in the end came without trouble and from a police perspective was a success.

Let's hope our kids play there again next year.